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Pirate Pack is a membership program delivering zero waste products to your doorstep.

Zero Waste Supplies:

Zero Waste Supplies:

A monthly care package purposely designed to minimize your daily plastic footprint and learn who the manufacturers are that are making responsible products.

Voyages With Partners

Voyages With Partners

Every year we are working in developing island nations with local organizations. Win a spot, earn your place or simply sign up to be part of the solution!

Global Movement:

Global Movement:

Every day there is actually GOOD news happening. Stay up to date on all the innovation of change and who is making waves for a cleaner future.


Pirate Packs


$75.00 $36.00

$225.00 $100.00

$450.00 $195.00

$900.00 $365.00

Every month you receive:

– Savings on various products that reduce your plastic footprint, from HOME!

– Everything from zero waste supplies, alternatives to plastic and plant based and compostable packaged items to embrace responsible brands.

– Monthly up-date on global innovation, tips for minimizing waste and plastic solutions.
Pricing includes shipping to USA and Canada, $25 per package to all other countries (for now).


1 month = $36
3 month = $100 save 5%
6 month = $195 save 10%
12 month = $365 save 15% and transition to zero waste @ $1 dollar a day!


Join us in paradise working with local partners!
This August to November in the Vavau group of Tonga building a local plastic processing unit with VEPA!

Sign up your friends and family and earn!

Launching promo! We’ve dropped our incentive programs to only signing up for THREE months!

  • Sign up 100 people to a 3 month subscription, win a trip including flight
  • Sign up 75 people to a 3 month subscription, win a trip no flight included
  • Sign up 20 to a 3 month subscription win your year membership free
  • Sign up 5 to a 3 month subscription earn a free month

Simply tell your friends to put your full name in the reference at checkout.



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